How To Undo Send on SMS

There’s nothing worse than that sinking feeling when you realise you’ve sent a totally inappropriate text message to the wrong person.

We’ve all done it – sent a spiteful text about a workmate to said workmate, a love note complete with cringey pet name to the boss, or fallen victim to auto-correct’s totally nonsensical whims.

The fallout is at the very least embarrassing and has the potential to ruin relationships and put your job at risk.  The initial hot flush of fear and regret is followed by apologies, a fair amount of damage control and a lot of grovelling.

Just ask Australian Immigration MP Peter Dutton who was left red faced after he referred to a journalist as a “mad f–king witch” then sent the text message to the journalist herself, rather than a crony.

Generally speaking there’s not much you can do after a texting misfire, but fortunately there are some services available that allows you to retrieve messages and delay the sending of messages so you can cancel them if need be, with no damage done to relationships, your employment status or your phone.

  1. With a simple swipe, On Second Thought allows Android users to recall or delete sent messages, providing insurance against auto-correct fails and text misfires.
  2. Wiper for iOS and Android enables you to delete text messages after you’ve sent them, including deleting your chat history from the recipient’s phone.
  3. Options such as Delay Text (iOS), Go SMS Pro and Text Later (Android) are just some of many apps that allow you schedule text messages – although they don’t offer any protection from regretful candid or half-asleep texts.
  4. If you don’t have any of these apps, and are regretting sending a recent text message, you could always jailbreak your device to undo the sent message, but be aware it does have it’s pros and cons.

The best bet is to think carefully before firing text messages off into the ether.  If you’re stressed, tired, hungover or in a rush, it might be wise to lay off sending any non-urgent work-related text messages, until you’re in a better space and thinking clearly.

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