Companies and Industries Successfully Using SMS

Most of us know SMS as being a quick, efficient and non-threatening way to chat.

Over the past few years, you will have noticed a growing number of companies are using SMS to connect with you.  From appointment reminders and transport updates, to booking confirmations and identity verifications – companies are turning to application-to-person (A2P) SMS to collectively communicate with their users.

So which companies and industries are successfully using SMS and what sorts of services are they providing their customers?


Banks and other financial services are turning to SMS to give their customers easier access to services in an increasingly mobile world.

When SBS built a new personal and mobile banking platform for its customers, SMS was recognised as an important part of the mix.  Using Modica’s reliable and efficient Customer Engagement Platform OMNI, SBS provides its customers with mobile notifications, reminders and improved internet-banking security with SMS two-factor-authentication. Read full case study here.

Health and Medical

The opportunity for SMS health care services is huge – particularly in developing countries with large populations and a pressure on health care services; or for people living in remote locations without ready access to medical services.

While appointment reminders and test results are commonly delivered via SMS, many studies have shown the effectiveness of motivational and informational text messages to help modify behaviour and support people to lead healthier lives with positive reinforcement and affirmations – such as quitting smoking, being more active and making healthy food choices.


More and more local and national government agencies are offering SMS services, from two-factor-authentication to protect their sites and users’ information, SMS public service announcements on road closures, traffic delays, water quality and civil defence, SMS surveys for public sentiment on community issues and reminders for rates payments and tax and library book returns.

When SMART Libraries rolled out SMS reminders and notifications to its members using Modica’s mobile gateway API, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive – particularly because it was saving them money in late fees.  Read the full case study here.


In our increasingly mobile world, long wait times in phone queues are becoming less tolerated.  SMS services are being increasingly deployed to provide customer service and alleviate call centre pressure, remind customers of payment due dates and service appointments.

When Vodafone Qatar wanted to offer a special rate to some of their users, they chose Modica’s Campaign Manager to seamlessly execute a segmented (by country) SMS communication in five languages to over 800,000 individual numbers.  Read the full case study here.


According to research, people prefer to be contacted via SMS, more than any other method – and it’s a perfect medium for businesses to get in touch with customers en masse.

SMS competitions, surveys, promotions and giveaways are a non-invasive way to engage with customers in an efficient and cost-effective way. When BP wanted to run a competition to promote its new fuel, Modica’s competition engine seamlessly managed all the SMS entries and engagement, while providing real-time reporting.

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