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How SMS can be used to improve healthcare engagement

The feasibility of mobile devices to support healthcare is increasingly being looked at to help reduce costs and increase patient access. Previously we have looked at some of the challenges facing modern healthcare and how mobile solutions could help, and the specific ways SMS services are being utilised within the healthcare sector. This week we [...]

Companies and Industries Successfully Using SMS

Most of us know SMS as being a quick, efficient and non-threatening way to chat. Over the past few years, you will have noticed a growing number of companies are using SMS to connect with you.  From appointment reminders and transport updates, to booking confirmations and identity verifications - companies are turning to application-to-person (A2P) SMS [...]

SMS bridges modern technologies

At 23 years young the humble text message is often viewed as an antiquated form of communication.  But in reality, contemporary SMS plays a lead role in bridging modern technologies. From its simplicity and cost-effectiveness to the benefits of two-factor-authentication (TFA) and high user engagement rates - SMS is here to stay. According to a new [...]

Fraud Awareness Week

It’s Fraud Awareness Week in New Zealand, run by MBIE’s Consumer Protection team in support of a global education campaign to help people recognise online threats and avoid being victims of cybercrime. But like all other major corporate risks, cyber risk must be managed from the top. With the frequency and complexity of cybersecurity incidents [...]
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