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How SMS can be used to improve healthcare engagement

The feasibility of mobile devices to support healthcare is increasingly being looked at to help reduce costs and increase patient access. Previously we have looked at some of the challenges facing modern healthcare and how mobile solutions could help, and the specific ways SMS services are being utilised within the healthcare sector. This week we [...]

Welcome Warehouse Mobile

Modica would like to welcome ‘Warehouse Mobile’ MVNO to the New Zealand carrier space. We've made all the necessary routing changes to the Modica gateway to accommodate the new prefixes.  The Warehouse's number prefix is +64284xxxxxx Modica offers Short code and direct connect push messaging services to Warehouse Mobile and all other carriers in [...]

Introducing: Tim Cuthbert

Modica is pleased to introduce Tim Cuthbert – the new ‘Business Development Director’ for Modica in Australia. Stuart Wilson, Modica’s CEO, says “People with exceptional skills and experience are the key component of our business so we’re delighted to bring on board someone of Tim’s calibre. As an established business founded in 2002 with [...]
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