Modica SMS solutions help our customers engage, market and transact with their customers via the mobile channel.

  Formed in 2006, Modica has grown from a New Zealand-based company to have offices in 4 different continents and thousands of customers worldwide. Via our enterprise Platform as a Service (PaaS) we can deliver our solutions anywhere, quickly, and cost-effectively. We are proud of a portfolio which features work ranging from some of the world’s biggest brands down to some small but very cool local solutions in countries as diverse asthe USA, Qatar, New Zealand, and the Dominican Republic. At the heart of our business is a dedicated team of individuals with the technical know how and creative talent to enable our clients to talk to their customers Any Time, Any Where!




Modica provides mobile operators, government, enterprise and mid- sized organisations with a suite of Mobile applications via a cloud based enterprise platform that is connected to almost every mobile operator globally. Transform your business with SMS.



Our range of API’s deliver low cost high speed mobile network connectivity to connect your enterprise services to your global customer.

Our suite of mobile products delivered via Software as a Service (SaaS) meet the majority of mobile marketing, advertising and communication needs.

Our partner solutions allow mobile operators, system integrators, and advertising agencies to quickly and seamlessly deploy a enterprise mobile platform to deliver new products and services.


All of our solutions are wrapped into a serious support package and delivered from secure, managed environments


Find out what products can generate more revenue for your corporation.

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