Mobile Gateway (API)

Our Mobile Gateway (API) allows you to connect via SOAP, HTTP(S), and SMPP for the sending and receiving of sms and mms messages to our global mobile operator network.

If you have Web or Mobile applications that need access to send standard and premium rate SMS communications to a variety of mobile networks around the globe our Mobile Gateway (API) application is the solution.

How does it work?

We establish your Mobile Gateway (API) account and then you decide if you want to connect via SOAP, HTTP or SMPP. The Gateway connection can be secured by SSL, or VPN for additional security, if required.


If you need enhanced services such as long numbers for a reply path, cross carrier short codes or premium rate messaging, we can usually provision these service within 2-8 weeks. We also have a range of shared shortcodes and long numbers that you can utilise immediately.

Key Features

  • Global coverage for bulk messaging
  • Range of long numbers for global reply path
  • Short codes available in a large number of countries
  • Simple API for rapid integration
  • Web based reporting and management
  • Discounts for large message volumes
  • Delivery receipts for most mobile operators


  • Timely campaign tracking with Delivery Confirmation
  • Cost reduction through simple connectivity/integration
  • Easy way to mobilize an application or website

Who is using it