Users need convenient and accessible security solutions – and mobile two factor authentication is the answer. Utilising the user’s existing mobile handset, you do not have to issue and maintain new equipment, enrol user’s biometric data, nor require users to remember additional passwords. Authentication is always about:

  • Something in the user’s possession (ATM card, key fob)
  • Something the user knows (password, PIN)
  • Something the user is (fingerprint, retina-scan, DNA)
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2FA is all about assisting organisations to add another authentication factor to their applications beyond username/password by providing a one time pin number that is generated and sent to the user’s mobile phone via SMS, without the hassle of having to maintain additional equipment or biometric data.


Simple API for rapid integration

Web based reporting and management

Delivery receipts for most mobile operators


No physical dongle required

Flexible and scalable platform that is easy to implement

Lower helpdesk & security management costs – reduce number of calls about password resets


Today, we provide messaging solutions to some of the world’s best known brands, banks, government, agencies and more.



Recently, NZACU needed a new partner to provide them with a 2FA API service for their Internet Banking validation service. Specifically, for key transactions that are requiring authorisation such as one-off payments, e.g. when you add a new payee. NZACU chose Modica as they already had a proven and trusted relationship – Modica provides their text banking solution. Also, this meant the required connectivity was already up and running. The 2FA service from Modica ensures that if you have Web or Mobile applications that need secure authenticated access for users located anywhere around the globe, the solution provides extra defence against unauthorised access to a website, VPN, mobile application or any other system. As an initial step you establish an account and connect your site or application using Modica’s simple 2FA API over a secure HTTPS connection. The system generates a ‘token’ that is sent to the user’s mobile number, reducing the need for a physical dongle, or needing to remember passwords. RESULTS: NCACU say the results are two-fold – not only are they pleased with the quick implementation and security elements, but it also reduces the complexity of login for end users.

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