Our Mobile Competition Engine is a scalable application designed to accept and verify keywords or unique codes. It contains all the features you need to setup, run and manage a SMS promotion. Its flexibility means it can easily be adapted to allow for multiple entry methods whilst maintaining the database integrity. It gives you instant engagement with your customers, whilst the security features behind the scenes mean you can reward loyalty without concern that your offers are being abused.   COMPETITION ENGINE PRODUCT DIAGRAM   Competition Engine allows brands to deliver interactive competitions to build one on one relationships with customers, or just to have fun. This sophisticated application supports a range of entry types including SMS, Web and Facebook consolidated into a single application, managed online via Omni our suite of web based applications.


Supports any number of unique codes

Picks random winners, either instantly or on a schedule

Allows for customised auto responses and incorrect entry messages

Easy integration with other entry mechansims (i.e social media or online)

Real time reporting - detailed reporting about all the messages you have sent and received

Maintaina consolidated database to verify entries with Competition Engine (if using other entry points)


Increase your brand awarness

Cost reduction through simple connectivity/integration

No desktop software required

Flexible tool that can be moulded to suit your needs

Cost effective way to interact with your audience

Manage from anywhere on any device

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