Mobile Studio allows you to engage with your customers or audience via mobile, email, & the web, and provides an information entry point to your business. Audience messages are received in real time and message content can be viewed online and forwarded to mobile, web or big screen via a wide range of methods to suit your requirements. The built in moderation console allows you to control the publicly displayed content and manage your customer experience.   MOBILE STUDIO PRODUCT DIAGRAM   Through the web-based application simply add and remove keywords in the web console, create your auto response, promote the call to action and start using it. The audience participates by sending a keyword, followed by their personal message to the short code. They will then receive a standard response, that you set. The control panel gives you access to the moderation console, FTP server details, RSS feed, and forwarding tools. All messages arrive in your online inbox so you can approve or reply or simply extract results for later.  


Supports SMS / MMS* (carrier dependent) / Email / Web as entry methods

Provides an RSS or FTP feed to your website, big screen or TV production system of incoming messages

Real time reporting – Detailed online reporting about all your messages and a CSV extract of all messages and replies

No desktop software required – Mobile Studio is part of the Modica SaaS application suite. The application can be used from any Internet connected device

Message forwarding to another mobile

Unlimited keywords (can also act as a “catchall”), customised auto responses and personal replies


No desktop software required

Instant set up

Manage anywhere on any device

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