Our SMS Polling engine is a simple and flexible application for organisations that want to gather timely opinions from their client base or audience. With minimal effort you can set-up SMS polls and voting campaigns to gauge opinion in real time. Whilst mobile is the most practical way for people to enter, we can also provide database integration to support web and Facebook app entry.
  Create an account to access the voting application on our web based management platform and from there you can set-up and run polls. Simply “create a new poll”, select the start and finish date, and the default response participants receive if they don’t pick a poll option. You can then create your voting categories (yes, no, black ,blue etc) and tailor the response messages to each category.  


Provides FTP feed of results for real time publishing to your website, big screen, or TV channels

Ability to pick a random number out of all entries, or within a category

Supports SMS / Web / Facebook Application as entry methods. Please note separate integration is required for Web and Facebook

Real time customer engagement and feedback

No desktop software required – Polling and Voting is part of the Modica SaaS application suite. The application can be used from any Internet connected device

Detailed and real time reporting about all your messages


No desktop software required

Cost reduction through simple connectivity/integration

Manage anywhere on any device

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