Introducing Rich Media Messaging (RMM)

Rich Media Messaging (RMM) from Modica is a mobile messaging service that adds a richer experience than traditional SMS. The recipient enjoys rich media content through a personalised journey. Enabling customers to self-serve, increases engagement and efficiency.

Whether your industry is retail, financial services, utilities, travel & logistics or many more, you can boost click through and conversion rates. Automate customer messages, reduce missed deliveries, automate payments, capture customer feedback - there are so many use cases.

RMM is essentially an SMS with a link. The link is shortened, and your content is mobile-optimized and can be delivered in fully personalised landing pages.

Benefits of RMM include:

-Attain open rates as high as 98%

-Achieve click through rates in excess of 60%

-Experience an increase in conversion rates of 39%

-90% of messages opened within the first 3 minutes

How RMM helps customer engagement

RMM lets you send content like special offers, interactive surveys, video updates, payment requests, appointment scheduling, and much more. Plus you can easily integrate with third-party apps to fully automate your CRM processes.

RMM from Modica is easy to create, manage & send campaigns & review results.

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