Simonetta Sarogni on the power and possibilities of SMS

Simonetta Sarogni is our Partner Manager hailing all the way from Italy. We talked to her about her role in sales at Modica and how enterprises nowadays are viewing and approaching the power and possibilities of SMS technology.

The beginnings

After completing an internship in a sales team for a big FMGC in the UK, Simonetta realised that she definitely wanted a career in sales. She went on to work in a few different industries such as media, e-commerce and contact centre solutions - before finding a happy place in the messaging world.

12 years ago she joined a small UK based messaging company, and has worked in the UK and Australian messaging markets ever since!

What drew you to Modica?

Simonetta says “I liked Modica’s entrepreneurial nature, the ethos, and how closely everyone works together”.

And as to why she enjoys working in the messaging industry?

“To this day an SMS message is one of the most powerful ways of communicating with stakeholders. It’s universal to all handsets guaranteeing everyone can receive and take action. With new forms of messaging becoming available it will add to the consumer experience in the long run” says Simonetta.


In her role at Modica, Simonettaworks exclusively with one of our network operator partners to assist them in promoting the Modica product suite to their customers in the Australian market.

“I would say that my key areas of focus are the wider SMS market (focusing mainly on Australia, but also understanding New Zealand) and being on top of new technologies and understanding what customers want. I also spend a lot of time demonstrating and bringing to life our Omni platform for current and prospect clients”, she says.

What’s the buzz?

Simonetta is on the frontlines of introducing the world of messaging to clients and has a great overview of how enterprises are currently viewing messaging.

She says that - fortunately - most enterprises have now realised just how powerful and successful messaging is as a way to communicate with their key stakeholders. There is a real buzz around it as a way of communicating to consumers (especially when endeavouring to give consumers a great customer service experience by offering them yet another method of communication in the form of SMS messaging!).

“It’s not only a great mechanism for the end customer to interact with a brand, but it also brings considerable efficiencies and time savings as well. There is also a lot of excitement around new technologies such as RCS messaging being introduced into the Australian market which will increase the scope of what businesses can do in this space”.

The future of messaging

What does Simonetta see happening in the industry moving forward?

“There will be 2 things that I can see happening: more focus on customer interactions via instant messaging (WhatsApp, RCS, Messenger, Apple Business Chat etc), there will be more automation as algorithms become more clever at predicting and answering customer questions. However there will still be very much a use case for pure SMS as I believe it will still be the lowest common denominator available worldwide across everyone’s handsets”.

What do you enjoy most about being a Modican?

“Firstly, I enjoy working with a product that I can see a clear and definitive benefit for, that offers our customers flexibility and can be used in a number of different ways to fit their business requirements. More importantly though, I enjoy working with a great team, having the ability to make a difference, to be heard and having some good laughs along the way” says Simonetta.

Life outside Modica

Having a young family, weekends are pretty hectic and very active for Simonetta! “These involve anything from to hiking to a bike ride around the lagoon we are fortunate to live close to”.

And lastly - what’s her Friday night beverage of choice?

“This very much depends on the season. In winter I will always pick a nice full bodied red, but in the summer months nothing beats a perfectly chilled glass of Pinot Gris”.

Thanks Sim, we enjoy having you on the team!

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