Senior Developer Experience Engineer


Wellington - New Zealand

Modica Group is a cloud based enterprise messaging provider working with clients and partners around the globe to provide secure, high volume, enterprise messaging solutions. Our messaging platform connects to almost every Mobile Network globally allowing our customers to reach every mobile handset and device globally via secure API or hosted application. Working closely with Finance, IT, Government, Health and Education organisations, Modica Group’s messaging platform is used by some of the world’s biggest enterprise organisations and brands to deliver high volume, mission critical messaging services.

As a Senior Developer Experience Engineer you focus on improving the developer and SRE experience at Modica Group and ensuring that all developers and SREs have the tools and systems that they need with minimal disruption to their ability to meet client facing requirements.

You achieve this by:

  • Reducing the friction between the Developer and SRE teams by researching the pain points across the team
  • Proposing and designing solutions to meet the needs of the Developer and SRE teams
  • Ongoing monitoring of Modica’s digital architecture, checking for performance and compliance
  • Working to resolve issues and problems with systems and software, and to put in place measures to ensure these issues do not reoccur
  • Planning the evolution of software and IT systems
  • Liaising closely with both the Development and SRE teams
  • Creating the guardrails that enforce practices as defined by the Head of Software and Head of Engineering
  • Striving for continuous improvement and build the continuous integration, continuous development, and constant deployment pipeline (CI/CD Pipeline) and
  • Mentoring and guiding other members of the Developer Experience team where appropriate

You’ll be responsible for:

  • Automation and Pipeline development
  • System Dependency & Upgrades
  • Developer standards & practices

Ideally your tech-stack will look something like this:

  • CI/CD tooling
  • Go, PHP and another major programming language
  • Experience with IAC like Terraform or similar
  • Linux
  • AWS
  • Automation and Shell Scripting
  • Docker
  • SQL based DBs (particularly PostgreSQL

Personality fit is a key success factor in this role so you will be:

  • Customer focused and delivery driven
  • A strong leader and mentor and self-starter
  • Collaborative - developing relationships with employees, management and clients
  • Someone who takes pride in their work, but doesn’t take themselves too seriously

More about us

We work closely with Finance, IT, Government, Health and Education organisations and our messaging platform is used by some of the world’s biggest enterprise organisations and brands to deliver high volume, mission-critical messaging services. At Modica we are all working towards a common goal: helping our customers reach every handset and device globally.

About the benefits

We offer a supportive environment as it is important to us that you are happy and healthy. Alongside a competitive salary, we offer benefits that rival those of large corporations. To support you we offer some fantastic perks including health and life insurance, home internet contributions, regular team lunches, the ability to work from home and your birthday off.

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