Build sticky enterprise relationships.

 Our platform opens a world of opportunity for Mobile Network Operators to provide complete business messaging solutions to their enterprise clients.

New opportunities are rapidly evolving

Application to Person (A2P), Machine to Machine (M2M), and Application to Machine (A2M or IoT) Messaging are all increasing in popularity.

We are a trusted partner for providing MNOs or MVNOs with A2P, M2M or IoT messaging. Our reliable CPaaS platform opens a world of opportunity for you and your enterprise clients.

Why your team will love Modica's messaging solution

24/7 proactive infrastructure monitoring with direct access for MNO to reporting systems.
Multiple APIs
Enterprise messaging gateway supporting SMPP, REST, SOAP, HTTPS and email connectivity for customers.
OMNI Analytics has traffic reporting tools, giving full control of messaging and traffic content.
Messaging tools
Suite of cloud-based messaging products to meet the variety of client use cases.
Simple billing solutions
Customer billing data feeds and integration to MNO billing systems.
Second and third level support for MNO team and high value enterprise customers.

White-labelled Platform

Fully-supported white label options available now

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