Business Continuity Planning

90% of all incoming SMS are read within 3 minutes. Could your communications be better served through SMS?


Execute your business continuity plan with SMS

SMS is a clear and effective communication channel.

With SMS, you can disseminate information quickly.

SMS can help you automate the provision of information.

SMS provides a low-friction way of responding.

Connect and engage with your customers

Our SMS platform will unlock your communication allowing you to better plan and communicate in emergencies. Manage business communications centrally, streamlining BCP processes:

How SMS limits the spread of disease

During a pandemic, quick and effective communications are pivotal in limiting the spread of disease.
One Australian hospital recently had a patient in the Emergency Department, who later tested positive for the measles. The hospital reached out to us with a need to contact any patient or staff member that may have been in contact with the infected person. Within a matter of hours, we were able to get the hospital up and running with an SMS solution that allowed them to send out a broadcast. The message contained information on the disease symptoms and what to do should they start feeling ill.

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Through their digital transformation programme, Countdown has utilised the Omni SMS platform to streamline their online shopping experience and evolve the consumer journey with reliability and ease.


Logistics & Travel


When you want to buy a trip up the Eiffel Tower in Paris, you need to know how much money is on your prepaid card. Texting is an easy way to check.



Homecare Medical

Homecare Medical increased trust and loyalty with their customer by combining an SMS shortcode with their professional services.

Homecare Medical

"At Modica Group, we’re committed to providing the most reliable communication at times like we’re facing right now. We encourage you to use SMS to cut through the noise for your most critical messaging. It’s our mission to help organisations keep people safe and to minimise impacts to organisations and people."
Stuart Wilson, CEO
What our product demo covers

Timely messages can help your business operate more efficiently and will have a positive impact on customer experience.

  •   Instant mass communication
  •  Message delivery reporting
  •  List segmentation
  • ✓  Scheduled messages
  • ✓  Message Templates
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