Modica Group is the global intelligent messaging company

We provide our clients with secure, high volume, enterprise messaging solutions.

Established in 2001, our cloud based messaging platform, connects directly to all Mobile Networks and customer software solutions, via secure API.

Working closely with Finance, IT, Government, Health and Education organisations, we enable our clients to manage their customer communication, services, and engagement via mobile.

With a number of acquisitions in 2016 (including Run The Red in New Zealand) Modica has a global footprint providing enterprise messaging solutions to a worldwide client base.

Through a unique combination of People, Process and Product, we help turn ‘dumb pipes’ into ‘smart data’, managing hundreds of millions of messages every year and working closely with our clients to help them understand their customers better.

This rapidly growing volume of mobile conversations and transactions creates a large amount of unique data. Our mobile analytics solution, OMNI Insights, then converts this data into reports and insights that can be used to enable better business decision-making.

"We help our clients have better 2-way conversations with their audiences via mobile. The combination of bullet-proof technology and an experienced support & delivery team is what sets us apart from others"
Stuart Wilson, Chief Executive

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Inland Revenue
Kiwi bank
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Axis Awards
The Webby  Awards
John Caples Internation Awards
International Emmy Awards
Cannes Lions
Tuanz Innovation Awards 2010

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