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We provide our clients with secure, high volume, enterprise messaging solutions.

Established in 2001, our cloud based messaging platform, connects directly to all Mobile Networks and customer software solutions, via secure API.

Working closely with Finance, IT, Government, Health and Education organisations, we enable our clients to manage their customer communication, services, and engagement via mobile.

Modica has a global footprint providing enterprise messaging solutions to a worldwide client base.

Through a unique combination of People, Process and Product, we help turn ‘dumb pipes’ into ‘smart data’, managing hundreds of millions of messages every year and working closely with our clients to help them understand their customers better.

This rapidly growing volume of mobile conversations and transactions creates a large amount of unique data. Our mobile analytics solution, OMNI Insights, then converts this data into reports and insights that can be used to enable better business decision-making.

"We help our clients have better 2-way conversations with their audiences via mobile. The combination of bullet-proof technology and an experienced support & delivery team is what sets us apart from others"
Stuart Wilson, Modica Group



Pragmatism Think it through, get it done. Don't make excuses or look for shortcuts.
Do The Right Thing
Do The Right Thing Do what we say we will do fairly and responsibly for each other and for our customers. Don't pull a fast one. 
Be The Change
Be The Change Innovate and deliver to create the best solutions. Don't just tick the box or wait for someone else to do it.
Tough Love
Tough Love Care about one another, but be honest and challenge constructively. Don't shy away from difficult conversations when they are needed.
Play Nicely
Play Nicely Work hard, make time to connect, collaborate and have fun! Don't take things too seriously or throw each other 'under the bus'.
Our 5 Modica Values
Our 5 Modica Values Our 5 Core Values; Pragmatism, Do The Right Thing, Be The Change, Tough Love, and Play Nicely

Executive Leadership Team

Stuart Wilson, Modica Group
Stuart Wilson, Chief Executive Officer

Stuart is founder and CEO of Modica Group. Over the last 30 years he has established, grown and exited multiple tech companies ahead of the curve and the market. From creating one of the first ISP’s in 1992 to building one of the early web development companies and exiting during the dot com boom, Stuart has been at the forefront of technology innovation. Leveraging experience with web to mobile applications in the mid 90’s Modica rapidly grew its messaging platform as a service across the globe and is now pivoting into mobile payment, IoT, AI, security, and advanced analytics.

Stuart consults widely on technology strategy for government and financial organisations and has extensive experience capital raising and managing high growth technology companies.

Pauline Scott, Modica Group
Pauline Scott, Chief Product Officer

Pauline has over 18 years experience in IT operations and project management. With proven expertise in scheduling, resource management, organisation planning, operational management and client services, she is the ideal person to be at the helm of Modica’s ever-growing empire.

Pauline has been working for Modica Group since 2005 and leads Modica's operational functions by overseeing the teams involved in platform infrastructure and software development, and owning the product space.

Ben Seymour, Modica Group
Ben Seymour, Chief Revenue Officer

Ben Seymour has an extensive background in Media, Finance, and Manufacturing industries, most recently having spent over 10 years within the Telecommunication industry.

Here at Modica, Ben is leading the global Sales and Marketing teams. Ben is responsible for delivering messaging solutions to assist Modica’s customers and partners.

Ben was previously Associate Director, Mobility Applications at Optus, leading product, sales, marketing teams as well as managing the Optus Mobility Partner ecosystem.

Elena Kazemi, Modica Group
Elena Kazemi, Chief Financial Officer

Elena is a Chartered Accountant with CAANZ and has been part of Modica's leadership team from November 2016. She is passionate about supporting innovative, fast growing and hard working kiwi businesses to execute on their strategic vision and take on new heights.

In her role as Modica's Group CFO & Company Secretary, Elena manages the company's finance team, provides financial oversight to the stakeholders, helps ensure day-to-day processes are running-smoothly, funders are kept well-informed the Group's tax and statutory compliance obligations are met.

Bruno Lago, Modica Group
Bruno Lago, Chief Technology Officer

Bruno has 20 years experience in senior technology roles in a range of industries in New Zealand and Brazil. Over that time he has developed expertise managing teams to deliver across software development, engineering, infrastructure, solutions architecture, and R&D. Most recently Bruno was Managing Director of cloud computing innovator Catalyst Cloud.

In his role as CTO, he is responsible for ensuring our technology is actively driving us towards our strategic and financial business goals. The key functions reporting to Bruno include solutions architecture, software engineering, cloud platforms, infrastructure operations, and technical support.



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