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Amazon Web Services

Modica Group and AWS work together to offer our global customers rapid digital transformation, data sovereignty and scalability.
We deliver messages across the globe and give teams confidence that their messages will be sent on time, every time. 
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Efficient, Secure & Reliable Messaging Solutions

Together with AWS partners, we are helping our customers increase revenue and reduce cost through intelligent messaging. We are taking communications out of call centres and print and putting them on a mobile device. This way, communications are efficient and served at a much lower cost.

Modica’s messaging platform helps businesses deliver mission-critical, two-way communications with both consumers and employees. Some use cases include two-factor authentication, fraud alerts, emergency responses and appointments reminders.

With detailed reporting, expert support and advice, we make it easy so you can focus on your customers.

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AWS - Modica Group

Maximise Your Revenue Opportunities

Modica Group and AWS work together to deliver messages across the globe and give teams confidence that their messages will be sent on time, every time.

Our platform opens a growing world of opportunity for MNOs to provide messaging solutions to their enterprise clients. Modica and AWS help MNOs create new revenue streams by leveraging both new and existing customer base. A2P messaging is the preferred channel adopted by businesses globally for customer engagement (Mobile Ecosystem Forum).

Amazon & Modica

Discover The Advantages Modica Group Brings

Large enterprise organisations, including government agencies, healthcare providers, banks and insurance companies all have increasing complexities in how they effectively communicate to their target audiences.

Easy Deployment AWS Modica
Easy Deployment

The Modica and AWS platform is an accessible web service tailored to the requirements of the MNO. Our team of experts are on hand to offer business and technical support when integrating with our platform.

Reporting & Analytics AWS Modica
Reporting and Analytics

Modica monitors and analyses data, message traffic and network conditions across our entire platform to give deeper insights, more reliable service and to protect the market.

Easy Governance AWS Modica
Easy Governance

Keeping the MNO at the centre of everything we do, we make sure contracts are easy and billing functionalities are fluid and transparent.

Messaging APIs AWS Modica
Messaging APIs

Integrate powerful messaging APIs quickly and simply, and start sending text messages with only a few lines of code.

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