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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our FAQs. If you can't find what you're looking for, please reach out to our team.
How do I become a customer?

Fill out our contact form and one of our messaging experts will be in touch.

To get you started they will set you up with a free trial, and run you through a demo tailored to your specific messaging requirements.

If you are already familiar with the product, our team can have your messaging service set up within minutes.

What is a short code? Short codes, or short numbers, are short digit sequences (significantly shorter than telephone numbers). They are used to enable messages from business applications to handsets, or from a handset to a business application.
How many characters can I use in a message?

A standard text message is 160 (GSM) characters or 70 (UCS-2) characters, and this is 1 UNIT. If you need to send more than 160 / 70 characters the message can be concatenated to a maximum of 10 UNITS (each unit is billed separately). Note the message payload reduces the more UNITS in the concatenated message (example 2 UNITS of 7 bit contains 306 characters, 3 UNITS contains 459 characters, and so on).

How can I report a text message? We take suspicious messages very seriously. If you believe you have received a message that may be spam, scam, phishing or suspicious in any way, please report them to our team by emailing Please include a screenshot of the text message you have received and your mobile number.
Can I integrate Modica's Messaging Platform with other applications? Our APIs can integrate with most applications whether the customer application is a custom build or purchased software.

Get in touch with our experts to discuss your needs.
What is OMNI? OMNI is Modica Group's messaging platform. It is founded on a high availability messaging gateway that is complemented by optional Managed Messaging Solutions and the OMNI Insights dashboard to help you deliver intelligent messaging services to your customers and staff.
What is Two-Step Verification? Our APIs can integrate with most applications whether the customer application is a custom build or purchased software.

Get in touch with our experts to discuss your needs.
Can I send bulk SMS campaigns in OMNI? Yes, OMNI gives you the opportunity to reach large audiences. Our platform lets you create campaigns to send millions of customised bulk SMS messages anywhere in the world.
Can I check the status of an MT message? Yes, usually the received status is returned within a second and the status are:
- 1st status = Queued
- 2nd status = Sent
- 3rd status = Submitted
- 4th status = Received 
Are my customers able to reply to my messages? Yes, Modica provides two-way messaging across the globe (where supported by network operators). You can also set up automatic responses to these replies within OMNI.
Can I check the status of an MO message? Inbound messages don't get DLR's, therefore they only have two statuses; Queued and Sent.
Can I schedule my messages? Yes, OMNI allows you to create your message campaign ahead of time and schedule it to be sent out at a later time/date.
How do I know what product is the right one for me? Our messaging experts will work closely with you to ensure you get the service that best suits your needs. They will also support you by giving you a tailored product demo and set you up with a free trial. We also offer 24/7 support, so the team are always on hand to help out.

Fill out our Request a Trial form and we will be in touch.
Can I see a report of the messages sent and received? Our “Mobile Report” tool shows transactions and content by mobile device for each message with a time and date stamp.
Can I send messages in different languages? Yes, our OMNI platform offers various languages and options for international SMS destinations for one or two-way messaging. Ask our team about these options.
How do I report Service Issues to Modica Group? Customers should report all Service Issues to our support desk. Email: or phone: +64 4 498 6000.

Contact us today to learn more about our Intelligent Messaging solutions