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Payments via CPaaS

In the markets we operate, we see almost every unique handset and approximately 10% of every message we send is asking for or acknowledging payment.

This is consistent with industry forecasts for the growth of payment services across CPaaS, including a prediction that digital payment value will grow by more than 13% this year alone*. Payment capabilities are key for maximising value for mobile users and the telcos they subscribe to.

Use Case

Step 1
Customers receive an SMS notification of payment amount due, date due, contact information, or similar 

Step 2
From the URL in the SMS, customers can access a company-specific portal to make payments

Step 3
The customer will receive a receipt for payment

We are working with a number of key payment partners to bring our customers robust payment solutions within our CPaaS platform.





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Mobile payment benefits

Digital payment services via CPaaS has a range of use cases, including:

- Arrears and debt collection 

- Payment reminders

- Onsite payments, for example a tradesperson on a customer's site

- Charity donations

- Click to pay

- Multi language payment information

- Multi currency payment

- Paper and email invoice replacement

- Reduce abandoned cart rates

- Easy set up for low tech customers

- Safe and secure technology



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This is an area of constant development and integration.
Our rollout timing is informed by the requirements of customers and the market.
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