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White-labelled Platform for Telcos

Our messaging platform, your brand

Modica is the trusted CPaaS platform to engage with every person and device on the planet via a suite of APIs and hosted applications.

We white-label it for you to maximise your revenue, help you take emerging opportunities, and leverage your network and customers.

White-labelled platform Modica

Trusted by the best

The Modica white-labelled CPaaS platform enables businesses to offer a range of messaging services to their customers under their own brand name. Our white-label platform is fully customisable and can be branded to match your brand identity.

Offer your customers a range of messaging services, including marketing campaigns, notifications, reminders, and customer support, without having to develop your own infrastructure.

We manage the back-end operations, while you maintain control over the customer experience.

Learn more about our platform channels (e.g. SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, Payments & IoT) and features (e.g. API, Reporting, Applications & Integrations).

White label Modica


You choose the channel (voice, video, messaging, chatbots or WhatsApp).

We make it work for you in a single unified communications platform.


Our SMS messaging platform is used by some of the world's biggest enterprises and brands to deliver high volume, mission-critical messaging. 


Multimedia Messaging (MMS) makes communication memorable. It enables creative two-way communication, interactive content & more personal messaging. 


Email still plays a large part in the communication ecosystem, and you can utilise our platform to send and receive emails as required. Enjoy reliability, security and insights.


Our CPaaS platform enables safe and secure business conversations over WhatsApp. Grow relationships, connect with customers and drive deeper engagement.


Integrating new OTT platforms like Messenger, Google Business Messages, Instagram Direct, Viber, Line and others when they add value for customers.


Organisations worldwide rely on our IoT platform to send, receive and aggregate data from millions of devices worldwide, so that they can focus on their customers.


Push notifications allows you to connect with your customers in real time and deliver critical messaging and offers directly across multiple devices.


Harness the power of video within out platform. Use our API to host live video for healthcare, finance, education, retail and many more industries.


Expanding from our SMS and WhatsApp inboxes, you can have real-time conversations using our array of chat tools all integrating into one inbox via your own software/platforms.


Facilitate customer payments using our array of communication tools and platforms. Our payment tool helps reduce late payments and increase engagement on payment reminders.


Our innovative voice communication solutions enable you to automate and personalise customer engagement to build trust with customers.



Maximise your revenue opportunities

Application to Person (A2P) messaging revenue is increasing globally and is set to continue rising.

A2P messaging is the preferred channel adopted by businesses globally for customer engagement. A2P messaging traffic to and from companies is only going to increase hence the requirement for a dedicated A2P messaging platform provider to assist in managing that traffic.

Modica’s OMNI platform helps businesses deliver mission-critical, two-way communications with both consumers and employees. Some use cases include two-factor authentication, fraud alerts, emergency responses and appointments reminders.

With detailed reporting, expert support and advice, we make it easy so you can focus on your customers.

White labelled platform Modica

New opportunities are rapidly evolving

Application to Person (A2P), Machine to Machine (M2M), and Application to Machine (A2M or IoT) Messaging are all increasing in popularity.

We are a trusted partner for providing MNOs or MVNOs with A2P, M2M or IoT messaging. Our reliable CPaaS platform opens a world of opportunity for you and your enterprise clients.

Modica White-labelled Platform

Leverage existing network & customer base

Maximise value to your customer base by providing the right messaging solutions at the right time.

Our platform opens a world of opportunity for Mobile Network Operators to provide complete business messaging solutions to their enterprise clients.

White-labelled platform 3 Modica  Group
24/7 proactive infrastructure monitoring with direct access for MNO to reporting systems.
Enterprise messaging gateway supporting SMPP, REST, SOAP, HTTPS and email connectivity for customers.
Our platform analytics has traffic reporting tools, giving full control of messaging and traffic content.
Suite of cloud-based messaging products to meet the variety of client use cases.
Customer billing data feeds and integration to MNO billing systems.
Second and third level support for MNO team and high value enterprise customers.

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