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Product update Web2SMS Modica_Group
Web2SMS Conversational Inbox

We’ve simplified messaging. Our Web2SMS product now has a conversational inbox making it easy to read, organise and schedule your communications. The new Web2SMS Conversational Inbox makes it easier to see and respond to messages in an appealing conversational format. Users of Apple devices, Slack or Facebook will be familiar with seeing messages in this sequential, bubble style.

We’ve also introduced new features for archiving, filtering and searching conversations.

Product update Account Threshold Modica Group
Account Threshold

The account threshold limit has been updated and the limits are set at 5 times, meaning if a user enters an incorrect password 5 times in a single session, they would get locked out.

This was done to improve security, reduce risk and align to best practice.

To reinstate your account, please contact support or your admin.

Intelligent Character Coding Modica
Intelligent Character Encoding Modica

Our Intelligent Character Encoding (I.C.E) functionality, when enabled, automatically detects and reassigns UCS-2 characters that can have compatibility issues with those similar from the GSM-7 character set. This helps to ensure a message is more compatible with a carrier's preferred character set and helps to alleviate potential edge cases preventing message delivery.

Email2SMS Reporting Refresh Modica_Group
Email2SMS Report Refresh

We've updated Email2SMS's reports into a single tab and updated some of the functionality to help you to get the data you need faster.

You can learn more about how the report works in our updated User Guide.

Interface Style Update Modica
Interface Style Updates

Over the next few months we'll be making some changes to improve the look and feel of our messaging platform. This won't affect functionality, but you may notice things look a bit different.

If you encounter any problems, or just want to give us feedback on our new designs, be sure to let us know your thoughts.

Web2SMS Refresh Modica Group
Web2SMS Refresh

Our Web2SMS refresh offers an intuitive user interface for efficiently sending and scheduling messages. The responsive design allows for ease of use across any device.

You can learn more in our updated User Guide.

Contact us today to learn more about our Intelligent Messaging solutions