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Two Factor Authorisation

The importance of 2FA

In an ever-changing digital landscape Two Factor Authentication (2FA) has become vitally important for the security of internet users.

2FA allows users to log in securely to their account through the incorporation of a secondary log in for the user, coming in a variety of forms.

This allows the user to verify that they are the owner of that account and not someone with malicious intent.

Our 2FA solution provides organisations with a real-time, session-based, additional authentication.

Our platform generates a one time pin number and sends it to the user’s mobile globally via SMS. Allowing the user to log in securely across multiple devices.

The integration of our 2FA solutions into an organisation's security processes ensures there is a reduced risk of cyber attacks on the company system overall, keeping both users and confidential company data safer.

With laws around cyber security becoming more prominent now is time time to benefit from 2FA.

2FA Example Modica Group

2FA features


Enables the use of a mobile number as a digital identity


Simple API for easy integration


International reach to a range of countries


Real-time 2FA reporting

Real-time, session-based 2FA

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