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Multimedia Messages (MMS)

Effective and engaging

SMS's universal, widespread and frequent use makes it one of the world's most effective communications options. With multimedia messaging (MMS), you can utilise this channel and make your messages memorable.

Media support for GIFs, images, video and audio - MMS is the next stepping stone from SMS for a fuller customer engagement. 

Two-way communication
Make it easy to get your message across with two-way multimedia messages.

Interactive creative content
Go beyond words and encourage your audiences to interact with images, video and audio

Send QR, tickets or maps
Get information to your customers in a convenient and timely manner.

Personalised messaging
Use data from your CRM to personalise messages and make them more unique.



Why choose MMS?

Connect with customers via MMS messaging.

BOOST SALESRun a promotional campaign or competition to your leads and encourage interaction and engagement to boost sales.
GREATER ROIMix high performing content with the world's most widespread communication channel, it's a recipe for success.
BRAND LOYALTY & ENGAGEMENTMore creative content helps you to build your brand, encourage interaction and engagement with your MMS messages.
INCREASE CUSTOMER LIFETIME VALUEWith eye-catching advertising on the world's most effective communication channel will help you to engage your customers.
REDUCE CHURNMake your messages memorable, amplify important messages and deliver value right into your customers' SMS inbox.

Use Cases

Take your messaging to new heights with this multimedia communication channel.

Take your messaging to new heights with this multimedia communication channel.

Utility customer support
A picture or video can help customer service teams understand issues at lightning speed.

Have couriers send a picture as proof of delivery and to show location of drop off.

Send a QR code to a mobile that can be conveniently scanned as a ticket.

We are the experts in mobile communication

EXPERT SERVICE & ADVICEWe won't bounce you off to a contact centre. Our team is available 24/7 to support you. We have extensive resources to make you a messaging guru and ensure your service is a success.
INTEGRATIONModica's Messaging Platform can integrate with your preferred email, CRM, marketing and social applications. Existing integrations include SalesForce, Marketo and Adobe Campaign.
REAL-TIME DASHBOARDReview the performance of your services in real time via your secure dashboard. View sent and received message volumes, track delivery receipts and analyse your performance for insights.
COMPLIANCEGlobal messaging can be a regulatory minefield. Our in house team will work closely with you to assist with queries around industry guidelines and government regulations.
TESTING ENVIRONMENT & QAOur Technical and Service teams support you throughout the testing, migration and launch process.
MARKET-SPECIFIC EXPERTISEChances are we have experience in your market. Whether products or services, public or private sector, our experts tailor solutions to solve your needs.

Please note that due to carrier restrictions, MMS is currently only available in Australia.

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