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Save costs and improve your communications

Use Cases

Alerts & Reminders

Maximise value to your customer base by providing the right messaging solutions at the right time.

Appointment Reminders

Modica's SMS Messaging Platform can alert mobile phones in your chosen countries. You can schedule reminders and know that no matter the time difference, your customer will be alerted at the right time.

BCP & Alerts

Coordinate major incidents during critical outages or events that may impact business operations. SMS can be sent instantly to notify on-call and leadership teams, as well as key stakeholders to keep them up to date.

Notifications & Updates

Send updates to staff or customers at speed. Whether it be event updates, delivery notifications or urgent operational messages, SMS is often the preferred method of communication.

Customer Service Operations

Send messages at the right time, to the right people.

Explore features below:
Personalised messages

Use custom data fields to make your messages personalised and more engaging.


OMNI gives you the ability to cost centre with extensive reporting functionality.

API integration

Integrate SMS with your current in-house systems using one of our APIs.

Two-way communication

Allow customers to respond and confirm via SMS.

Why Modica Group

Experts in mobile communication

Expert service and advice

We won't bounce you off to a contact centre. Our team is available 24/7 to support you. We have extensive resources to make you a messaging guru and ensure your service is a success.


Modica's Messaging Platform can integrate with your preferred email, CRM, marketing and social applications. Existing integrations include SalesForce, Marketo and Adobe Campaign.


Real-time dashboard

Review the performance of your services in real time via your secure dashboard. View sent and received message volumes, track delivery receipts and analyse your performance for insights.


Global messaging can be a regulatory minefield. Our in house team will work closely with you to assist with queries around industry guidelines and government regulations.

Testing environment and QA

Our Technical and Service teams support you throughout the testing, migration and launch process.

Market-specific expertise

Chances are we have experience in your market. Whether products or services, public or private sector, our experts tailor solutions to solve your needs.

Modica SMS solutions

All-in-one platform

Use a single, unified platform to send all your business communications. Our web-based dashboard gives you real-time visibility of all of your messages.

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API documentation

For developers, by developers

Our APIs are designed with developers in mind. With a choice of languages, it's that much easier to integrate.

The reporting dashboard allow users to view status reports (DLR), opt-outs and usage.

Read our API Documentation.
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We pride ourselves on reliable technology

With 99.9% uptime and over fifteen years' experience in the financial, healthcare and Government sectors, you can trust us to send your messages securely and on time.

Learn more about Security.

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