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Sending Hours

Unlock the Power to Send Messages at the Right Time

Sending Hours is a transformative addition to Modica Group's messaging platform, empowering you to communicate effectively, efficiently, and respectfully.

Configurable via our UI console, which will automatically detect your timezone.

Utilising this feature will enable you to optimise your messaging strategy, deliver timely and relevant messages, and strength relationships with your recipients

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Key Features

  • Customisable Sending Schedule: Customise your sending hours according to business preferences. Define specific time frames during which messages will be allowed to send, ensuring you reach intended recipients at their most opportune moments. This flexibility enables you to tailor communication to a suitable schedule, and maximise engagement. Messages created outside of an allowed sending period will be safely held and sent when the next available window opens.
  • Restricted Dates: Take charge of your messaging calendar by setting restricted dates. Whether it's public holidays, weekends, or any other occasion you would prefer not to send messages; prevent them from being sent during these specified periods. This feature empowers you to create boundaries and respect customer's personal time, while enjoying worry-free holidays. Messages created during a restricted date will be safely held and sent at 9am the following day - or when the next available window opens.

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