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We are a leading provider of numbers and shortcodes in a variety of countries.

These are two common types of identifiers used in SMS messaging.

A phone number is a unique identifier assigned to a mobile device that can send and receive SMS messages. When sending an SMS message to a phone number, the message is delivered directly to the recipient's mobile device.

Short codes, on the other hand, are usually 3-5 digit numbers used to send and receive SMS messages in bulk. Short codes are typically used by businesses and organisations for marketing campaigns, customer support, and other communications. They are easier to remember than phone numbers and can be used to send messages to a large group of people at once.

Short codes can be either dedicated or shared. Dedicated short codes are used exclusively by one business or organisation, while shared short codes are used by multiple businesses or organisations.

In some countries, there are also alphanumeric sender IDs that can be used to send SMS messages. Alphanumeric sender IDs are typically a combination of letters and numbers and can be used to send branded or personalised messages. However, not all mobile carriers and countries support alphanumeric sender IDs, and there may be restrictions on their use. Contact us to learn more.

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