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Education made easy with SMS

Simplifying education through SMS

Modica's fully integrated SMS solutions help universities and education centres deliver a better experience. The platform can be used for reminders such as tuition fees or appointments, facilitate updates quickly during an emergency, as well as recruitment and more.

By incorporating SMS solutions into the their organisations workflow they have been able to create effective communication to both students and staff which has overall improved the experience for both parties. Students are provided with a good understanding of what is happening on campus which results in a higher attendance rate to events and prevents unnecessary travel when events such as lectures are cancelled. In the case of emergency on campus communications sent out via SMS are likely to be more effective and have a higher open rate in a short period of time than in app message or email, getting staff and students to safety quicker.

Our platform allows Education services to be more efficient, freeing up valuable administration and staff time. SMS enhances customer satisfaction, while boosting profitability through process improvement.

Education Modica

SMS uses in Education


A powerful messaging platform for Education providers

One of the greatest challenges for education providers is effective and timely communication. Modica has multiple solutions available on one unified platform, allowing the companies to send time-critical messages and enable two-way conversations with staff and clients.

“Modica Group responded pretty quickly. When we outlined what we were looking for they said that they had something that would do this.”
Paulette Corbett, IT Lead, New Windsor School
New Windsor School - Case Studies - Confluence

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