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ARMY Bannerv2

New Zealand Defence Force

Customer Story

Communication channel choice is crucial for the New Zealand Defence Force. That’s why they've added Modica's SMS messaging to offer more options when communicating with potential recruits.



The primary role of the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) is to protect New Zealand from security threats and to work with New Zealand’s allies to contribute to global defence.


People who apply to work in the Army, Air Force or Navy can choose SMS as their preferred two-way communication channel with their Recruitment Coordinator.

Messages are automatically logged in so the NZDF has a full record of conversations – no matter what the channel. What’s more, recruitment events can be configured to send automated administrative reminders and customised to-do lists – increasing attendance rates and reducing ongoing administrative costs.


Davanti Consulting used Modica’s SMS Gateway API to connect messaging with Salesforce, the NZDF’s recruitment system.


Communication channel selection and volume data also provide NZDF with accessible information to fuel their evidence-based decision-making and inform future communication strategies.

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