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Email & CPaaS convergence

Email combined with multi-channel engagement through Modica’s CPaaS platform means our customers can reach their customers anytime anywhere in the channel of their choice.

Our enterprise clients use email in a number of ways utilising Modica tools such as Email2SMS and our REST API for email.

Modica's SMS Gateway REST API has been extended to allow the scheduling and sending of basic, plain text Email messages.  It is intended as a supplement to the REST API for SMS, as an alternative delivery channel for SMS type (transactional) messages.

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Email to SMS allows you to send and receive SMS messages from your application with no additional software to install or manage. 

You simply compose a standard email message in the following format

The email is received and converted by us in to a SMS and sent directly to a mobile number or distribution list for your mobile contacts.

The consumer is able to reply to the SMS message and this response is automatically converted into an email and sent back to the sender.

Integrate SMS into your favourite email platforms, such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and HubSpot using our Zapier integration.

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