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All-in-one messaging platform

Our CPaaS messaging platform helps organisations communicate with their customers, prospects and staff via the tools they prefer.

The platform is used by some of the world's biggest enterprises and brands to deliver high volume, mission-critical messaging services. It is built on a high-availability messaging gateway, and is complemented by optional managed messaging solutions and our Insights dashboard. What sets us apart is the expert advice and support we provide our clients - available 24/7. Use a single, unified platform to send all your business communications and enjoy real-time visibility of all of your messages.

Modica CPaaS


You choose the channel (voice, video, messaging, chatbots or WhatsApp).

We make it work for you in a single unified communications platform.


Our SMS messaging platform is used by some of the world's biggest enterprises and brands to deliver high volume, mission-critical messaging. 


Multimedia Messaging (MMS) makes communication memorable. It enables creative two-way communication, interactive content & more personal messaging. 


Email still plays a large part in the communication ecosystem, and you can utilise our platform to send and receive emails as required. Enjoy reliability, security and insights.


Our CPaaS platform enables safe and secure business conversations over WhatsApp. Grow relationships, connect with customers and drive deeper engagement.


Integrating new OTT platforms like Messenger, Google Business Messages, Instagram Direct, Viber, Line and others when they add value for customers.


Organisations worldwide rely on our IoT platform to send, receive and aggregate data from millions of devices worldwide, so that they can focus on their customers.


Push Notifications allows you to connect with your customers in real time and deliver critical messaging and offers directly across multiple devices.


Harness the power of video within out platform. Use our API to host live video for healthcare, finance, education, retail and many more industries.


Expanding from our SMS & WhatsApp inboxes, you can have real-time conversations using our array of chat tools all integrating into one inbox.


Facilitate customer payments using our array of communication tools and platforms. Our payment tool helps reduce late payments and increase engagement on payment reminders.


Our innovative voice communication solutions enable you to automate and personalise customer engagement to build trust with customers.


Expert support & advice

We won't bounce you off to an anonymous contact centre. Our team will support you through all stages of your messaging service lifecycle.

24/7 Support Modica24/7 SUPPORTWe’re serious about support and proactively communicate any issues that may impact your service. Our support team are available 24/7 and can provide custom service reports on request; you can even schedule the reports to be delivered to your inbox as you need them.
Regulatory Compliance ModicaREGULATORY COMPLIANCEGlobal messaging can be a regulatory minefield. Our in house team will work closely with you to assist with queries around industry guidelines and government regulations.
Technical Documentation ModicaTECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION

With a wealth of resources on all aspects of messaging, from API documentation to FAQs and International Fact Sheets, we have the resources to make you a mobile guru and ensure your service is a success.

Testing and Q&A ModicaTESTING AND Q&AMake use of our test environment to ensure all is in order before migrating to a live production environment. Our Technical and Service teams are available to support you throughout the migration and launch process.

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