SMS APIs for security and reliability

Modica offers reliable, secure, high-volume SMS messaging services to some of the world’s biggest organisations. Find out how Modica’s APIs can propel your organisation forward today.

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Send text messages with only a few lines of code - designed by developers for developers, so you choose which language to use.

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Rest assured your messages will be sent

We are proud to offer high throughput levels. With 99.9% uptime, our SMS APIs are relied upon for dispatching ambulances, delivering boarding passes and sending government emergency comms.

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Our support team is on hand 24/7, continuously monitoring carriers to ensure message delivery. We won’t bounce you off to a call centre.

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Choose Your Protocols


A popular choice for those wanting to integrate SMS into their app using simple GET requests.


With a continuous connection, the SMPP API is typically used by very high volume services.


SOAP-based protocol which allows delivery of multimedia messages.


Feature-rich with a range of developer libraries allowing for both single mobile or broadcast to many mobile sending.


The original gateway using its own Web Service Definition Language.

Chances are we have experience in your market

Discover key product uses that will enable your business to communicate effortlessly.  

Strengthen security and improve customer communications using SMS.

We provide industry-leading deliverability allowing you to focus on utilising industry-leading communication strategies.

ATM Alerting (loT)
Technicians can be alerted via SMS when machines are low on cash, or any technical issues.
Automated messages
Send account balances, confirm large transactions and alert any suspicious activity.
Two-Factor Authentication
Use two-factor authentication for transaction confirmations.

Deliver vital communications on time with intelligent messaging

Utlise Modica's Mobile communication capabilities so that your organisation can manage and deliver mission critical information on time, everytime.

Appointment & Medication Reminders
Replace time-intensive letters and phone calls with a robust and reliable system for medication and appointment reminders.
Workforce Management
Manage your workforce and streamline multiple processes into a single digital channel with Modica's intelligent messaging.
Emergency Notifications
As a powerful SMS API service, our solution helps you notify customers and employees during an emergency.Improve your customer service with SMS.

Improve logistics communications using the power of SMS

We provide industry-leading deliverability allowing you to focus on utilising industry-leading communication strategies.

Driver Alerting
SMS is an effective tool to communicate with your fleet of drivers, while they are on the job.
Delivery Notifications
Keep your customers up to date about the delivery of their parcel with Modica's intelligent messaging.
Call Centres
Many call centres have found efficiencies in using SMS to send reference numbers to people they are on the phone with.

Explore Our SMS API Features

  • —   High volume throughput
  • —   Reporting dashboard
  • —   Two-way messaging
  • —   Long messages
  • —   Multi-zone support
  • —   Mobile number portability
  • —   Character encoding support
  • —   Code extensions
  • —   IP Whitelisting
  •   Status reports (DLR)
  • —    Auto queueing
  • —    Message retrying (outbound & inbound)
  • —    International routing
  • —    Authentication

Experts in mobile communication

Expert service and advice
We won't bounce you off to a contact centre. Our team is available 24/7 to support you. We have extensive resources to make you a messaging guru and ensure your service is a success.
Modica's Messaging Platform can integrate with your preferred email, CRM, marketing and social applications. Existing integrations include SalesForce, Marketo and Adobe Campaign.
Real-time dashboard
Review the performance of your services in real time via your secure dashboard. View sent and received message volumes, track delivery receipts and analyse your performance for insights.
Global messaging can be a regulatory minefield. Our in house team will work closely with you to assist with queries around industry guidelines and government regulations.
Testing environment and QA
Our Technical and Service teams support you throughout the testing, migration and launch process.
Market-specific expertise
Chances are we have experience in your market. Whether products or services, public or private sector, our experts tailor solutions to solve your needs. 

Customer Stories


Through their digital transformation programme, Countdown has utilised the Omni SMS platform to streamline their online shopping experience and evolve the consumer journey with reliability and ease.


Logistics & Travel

New Zealand Defence Force

Communication channel choice is crucial for the New Zealand Defence Force. That’s why they've added Modica's SMS messaging to offer more options when communicating with potential recruits.

New Zealand Defence Force

Public Sector


Text donations contributed more than $200,000 towards lunch for children going hungry during the school day in a fundraising drive run by Campbell Live for KidsCan.


Public Sector