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Enhance your communications using our plugins to send messages from your favourite software solutions.

Integrations to enhance your communications

OMNI now integrates with global software powerhouses, Salesforce, Marketo and Adobe Campaign, some unique legacy systems, and applications under development. If your account has API access, then simply connect to the software directly or download the relevant plugin from the App store. They are easy to install and configure for quick integration.

Use cases:

Customer Service
Faster response times increase overall conversion rates.
Marketing Campaigns
Reach your customers instantly and create strong relationships.
Transactional Updates
Ensures your customers always get a response.
Customer Status
Keep the customers in the loop throughout the support cycle.
Business Operations
Streamline your systems and processes.
Reminders and Notifications
Customers and employees stay up-to-date with the latest information.
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Our API connects with Salesforce’s TXTinIT plugin to enable you to send and receive SMS messages within the Salesforce platform. TXTinIT can be easily downloaded from the Salesforce AppExchange and installed on your Salesforce instance. 

The integration will route messages such as billing reminders, appointment reminders, support case notifications and booking confirmations from Salesforce users to customers. 


  • Native text messaging within Salesforce
  • Incredibly easy to set up and configure
  • Records are kept within Salesforce, allowing for easy reporting
  • Automation support via a process builder
  • Basic features are free for a single user


Fully integrated with Salesforce. Send text messages within standard or custom objects.
Text Templates
Create and share message templates with the rest of your team using our intuitive mail-merge functionality.
Bulk Texting
Send text messages via the List View or build your own custom conditions for bulk sending.
Schedule Messages
Sending a marketing campaign at a specific time? Schedule future sends with ease.
Process Builder Support
Use Process Builder to add text messaging to any existing automated processes.
Two-Way Conversations
Send and receive text messages directly out of and into Salesforce.


Marketo marketing automation software helps organisations automate and measure marketing engagement, tasks and workflows. The Marketo platform provides businesses with measurable customer experience data, from acquisition to advocacy, with engaging experiences that keep customers engaged and coming back. 

We offer two integration options; one-way (send) and two-way (send & receive). Our one-way messaging integration allows Marketo users to utilise webhooks to send SMS via our Mobile Gateway. No need to download a plugin, but you do need to have our REST API account.

Our two-way integration enables Marketo users to send and receive SMS messages. This integration requires configuration by our Marketo development partner and includes bulk capability, number formatting tools and reply functionality.


No plugin needs to be downloaded - all you need is a REST API connection within OMNI and the Marketo platform.
Improve potential and existing customer engagement through SMS.
Store all SMS based interactions within your Marketo instance.
Personalised Automation
Build workflows that trigger SMS at certain stages of the customer journey.
Messaging Capabilities
Supports one-way messaging by default, with two-way and bulk capability available.

Adobe Campaign

Adobe Campaign is a conversational marketing technology that empowers organisations to start and sustain one-to-one customer dialogues.

Our integration with Adobe Campaign provides high availability, mission-critical messaging for better customer engagement.


Analyse your services and measure customer engagement.
Scale Messaging Capabilities
Send automated SMS messages and set up automatic replies to your customers.
Personalised Automation
Incorporate SMS as part of your automated workflows.

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