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Organisations worldwide rely on Modica’s IoT platform to send, receive and aggregate data from millions of devices worldwide, so that they can focus on serving their customers better.

OMNI Messaging Platform

There is a growing list of SMS use cases in both the Machine to Application (M2A) and the Application to Machine (A2M) areas. At Modica Group, our OMNI platform is constantly being expanded to include additional messaging services to support new technologies and our customers' changing needs.


Message Aggregation
Message aggregation from multiple loT devices across different networks and geographies
Communication with IoT Devices
A range of well documented APls and hosted applications for communicating with loT devices and receiving data
Global Message Forwarding
Global message forwarding to other networks and MSISDNs
Real time and historical reporting by device and aggregated service
Two-way Messaging
Two way messaging (subject to device and network)
API integrations
Integration with other SMS and messaging services/APls

How Does It Work?

We currently support connections to loT devices though both Direct Carrier and International Partner routes for 3G and 4G connectivity. We also have a current program of work integrating the newer loT networks including: NB-loT, LoRaWAN and LTE-Cat Ml.

When our customers need to send or receive messages or data to loT devices from their backend applications, we provide application connectivity via one of our range of APls. If the requirement is for manual communications, our customers utilise one of the tools from our suite of hosted applications in the OMNI platform.

Available Network Types are SMPP for traditional SMS messages, the Paging network, LoRaWAN and NB-IoT for NarrowBand IoT connected devices.

What makes the OMNI Platform different?

Manage all devices through a single provider

Aggregate loT devices across networks and geographies to manage all devices through a single provider. Decrease touchpoints when troubleshooting; use a single SLA and reduce setup time and cost.

Reduce development costs

Develop loT systems without the need for an app to communicate with end users and devices by taking advantage of Modica-hosted applications and APls.

Get to market faster

Drastically reduce development time and prevent ongoing app maintenance by quickly connecting via our plug-and-play APls.

Bypass app fatigue

Users today are resistant to downloading apps - combat this app-fatigue by leveraging two-way SMS communications. Your IoT devices can then respond with actionable code.

Automate IoT device tasks

loT systems coordinate thousands of devices and thus demand a stable and scalable solution for task automation. SMS messages can wake up devices, initiate device data transmission, transport critical data to/from devices and even facilitate over-the-air provisioning.

Choose Your Protocols


A popular choice for those wanting to integrate SMS into their app using simple GET requests.


With a continuous connection, the SMPP API is typically used by very high volume services.


SOAP-based protocol which allows delivery of multimedia messages.


Feature-rich with a range of developer libraries allowing for both single mobile or broadcast to many mobile sending.


The original gateway using its own Web Service Definition Language.

Experts in mobile communication

Expert service and advice
We won't bounce you off to a contact centre. Our team is available 24/7 to support you. We have extensive resources to make you a messaging guru and ensure your service is a success.
Modica's Messaging Platform can integrate with your preferred email, CRM, marketing and social applications. Existing integrations include SalesForce, Marketo and Adobe Campaign.
Real-time dashboard
Review the performance of your services in real time via your secure dashboard. View sent and received message volumes, track delivery receipts and analyse your performance for insights.
Global messaging can be a regulatory minefield. Our in house team will work closely with you to assist with queries around industry guidelines and government regulations.
Testing environment and QA
Our Technical and Service teams support you throughout the testing, migration and launch process.
Market-specific expertise
Chances are we have experience in your market. Whether products or services, public or private sector, our experts tailor solutions to solve your needs.