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Keeping an airline flying during Covid-19 - Modica
MarketingJun 2, 2022 12:00:00 AM1 min read

Keeping an airline flying during Covid-19


One of the key challenges for businesses during the pandemic, has been communicating with and managing staff, particularly in relation to their COVID-19 health status and testing. As cases increase, businesses are looking to keep their teams operational and manage rosters to ensure they have staff available to perform critical functions. 

Key managers at a major airline needed an easy way for staff to notify them when they tested positive/negative for COVID-19 or when they became a ‘close contact’ of an infected person, so that alternative work arrangements could be made. The notifications needed to be provided easily and the data needed to be shared with their corporate software. 

Staff across the business can now easily text their health notification into their dedicated short-code. This is then converted into a formatted email and sent via an API into their corporate software, which generates an appropriate workflow. They can text one of three keywords: 'Positive', 'Negative' or 'CC', followed by the employee ID number. 


From client brief to scope and build within 4 hours 


Mobile Studio ingests the message, converts to email and sends to corporate software 


Solved the challenge and able to ingest more than 30,000 messages per month from thousands of staff.

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