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Any Device, Anywhere - Modica
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Any Device, Anywhere


The enterprise SMS market is predicted to grow to US$74.7 billion by the year 2026* and Modica Group is poised to play a major role. Key drivers of this growth include:

  • Increased adoption of smartphones
  • Increased mobile network footprint
  • Predominance of mobile in ecommerce
  • Increased adoption of SMS marketing tactics
  • Wider use of 2FA (Two-factor authentication) for secure communication
  • Covid related and other emergency messaging
  • Conversational commerce through SMS

Our customers around the world depend on our platform to deliver mission-critical, one and two-way communications with their consumers and employees.

Established in 2001, our cloud-based messaging platform connects directly to all Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and customer software solutions, via secure API.

Some of the reasons why we are trusted around the world:

  1. Global footprint providing customers with 24/7 support
  2. Partnerships with leading telcos in key regions
  3. More than 900 wholesale connections
  4. 115 staff, 12 offices, 20 cultures, fluent in more than 10 languages
  5. High profile corporate and Government clients
  6. Executive leadership team with global experience in telco and software

As Chief Executive Stuart Wilson added “We help our clients have better 2-way conversations with their audiences via mobile. The combination of bullet-proof technology and experienced support & delivery team is what sets us apart from others.”

So whether your staff and consumers are based in Kazakhstan, Peru, Australia, Indonesia, the UK, Dominican Republic or somewhere else - we can deliver intelligent messages to any device, anywhere.

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