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MarketingJun 2, 2022 12:00:00 AM7 min read

Things to consider when choosing SMS marketing software

SMS for business communication is growing. COVID-19 has forced businesses to communicate more, potentially adding to the noise and clutter of the marketing and communication space yet when things get complicated, we revert to basic principles and reliable communication methods to cut through “the chatter”.

SMS has unmatched open and read rates. Boasting over 5 billion users globally, it's reach offers a huge opportunity for marketers. Smartphones have shaped modern society and created a culture of content consumption, 24/7. Today, 90% of all incoming SMS are read within 3 minutes.

As with any communication platform, success relies on the capability of the tools and your strategy for reaching out to customers. To help marketers understand how to identify the right tool for SMS communication, we’ve pulled together this blog on our top 6 features to look for when choosing  SMS marketing software.

1. Safety and security

Globally, an emphasis on privacy and security is growing. Not only does today’s consumer demand privacy, security and protection of data, international law does too. Privacy and security is fast becoming one of the most important things to consider when operating on the digital landscape. That's why when choosing which third-party SMS marketing software to use, it’s crucial to select a safe and secure API.

What it means for marketers

You need to find an SMS  company that secures their data. Ask them these questions:

·     Are your carrier connections audited?

·     Do you have a process for handling SPAM?

·     Is your company GDPR compliant?

At Modica, we understand that privacy and security are incredibly important to enterprise organisations and that is why they are our top priority. Our APIs allow enterprise organisations to engage, market, and transact globally we offer features such as Two Factor Authentication to mitigate risk and strengthen security.

We often talk with our clients about security and data, and what we are doing as an organisation to ensure that it stays secure and within the control of our clients. To find out more about Modica's approach to data security, get in touch with our team.

2.  Segment and deliver the right message, at the right time

Today’s consumers expect you to address their needs quickly. They want to know what value you add, but won’t act when the barrier to communication is too high. SMS addresses these issues because it has the advantage of familiarity and deliverability is high because your customers don't need to download any application to receive your message.

SMS Marketing Software functionality enables personalised messaging at scale. At its core, SMS marketing features such as 2-way messaging, list segmentation and mass messaging with personalisation tags will work to help you deliver the right message, at the right time. Whilst executing perfectly timed marketing content is no small feat, when done well, it can fundamentally change the way you can reach customers.

What it means for marketers

Check for the below features in your SMS marketing software to ensure you’ve got the right tool for the job:

·     Can I easily upload audience data from any web browser and easily segment lists?

·     Can customers subscribe to a database through SMS?

·     Can I send individual or group messages quickly or schedule recurring messages?

·     Can I send from Email to SMS?

·     Can I send from the Web to SMS?

·     Is 2-way messaging enabled?

·     Can I schedule reminders, and notifications at regular intervals?

·     Can I run polls and contests?

·     Can customers redeem special offers?

·     Can customers use trackable shortcodes?

·     Can I access real-time results including SMS delivery statistics?

·     Does the API integrate with third-party tools?

·     Does the software connect with different HTTP based content gateways?

·     Does the software work as both pull and push gateway?

·     Can I create SMS keywords and define actions like subscribe, unsubscribe, send an email, forward message, etc?

This list is just to get you started. Visit our case studies page to find out how your industry is using Modica’s SMS software.

3.   Reliability

As a marketer, your time is valuable and second-guessing the reliability of your tools is an unnecessary worry. When it comes to choosing the right messaging software, you are looking for a combination of bullet-proof technology and expert 24/7 support.

Modica's OMNI platform provides a centralised multi-channel messaging service regardless of the use case or device. You pick the countries, choose if you would like one or two way messaging, then we handle the connectivity with the telecommunications operators. Once your message is sent, you’ll receive delivery status updates, so you can rest easy knowing that it’s been delivered, or if not, why.

Today SMS remains the most effective communication tool for an enterprise to reach its customers. Here at Modica, we work with large enterprise organisations including government agencies, health care providers, banks, and insurance companies so reliability is our priority.

Check out how St John relies on SMS for business-critical operations here.

4.   Easy to understand insights

It's great to have the ability to reach your customers effectively and safely, but can you understand the data behind it?

It's an investment setting up a enterprise messaging platform. You want analytics you can understand. Are you getting a better ROI from replacing traditional methods with intelligent messaging? Does the platform allow you to pull this data yourself with detailed reporting? Not all messaging platforms can provide this data. When choosing a SMS software company ask to review the platform reporting before you invest. This will give you insight into what performance reports you can run to prove your success.

Modica's platform OMNI, provides intelligent analysis of your messaging data via a smart reporting dashboard. You can review the performance of your services in real-time via your secure dashboard, view send and received message volumes, track delivery receipts and analyse your performance.

Each business' needs are unique. Request a free trial with Modica to gain a better understanding of OMNI's insights and how Modica's intelligent SMS service can support your business.

5.   Easy setup and use

What makes a messaging tool stand out isn’t just that it’s a secure and reliable way to communicate with customers, it’s that it’s easy to use.

A communication tool is only as good as it’s set up. Your contacts should automatically update for automation and compliance. If your SMS platform is not connected to your CRM it can be difficult to send meaningful messages and understand their impact on your customer experience and revenue

The size and complexity of your organisation will determine the SMS platform you use. DIY platforms are great for speed but often fall short for larger enterprises. If your requirements are enterprise based, get in touch with the SMS platform provider to understand the onboarding and set up options. Working with the supplier’s team ensures a reliable, future-proofed set up.

Modica’s OMNI is a great tool to incorporate as it seamlessly integrates with existing systems via our APIs. OMNI can integrate with your preferred email, CRM, marketing and social applications.

Modica's platform and customer care team are in place to assist organisations to set up, integrate, measure and grow. They provide 24/7 advice and support to our clients to ensure their service is a success.

As a part of your onboarding, our technical support team teaches you how to use OMNI Insights so that you can review the performance of your services in real-time via your secure dashboard.

"Partnering with Modica has been a refreshing and rewarding experience. The partnership is transparent, and always supportive. I love working with these people!"              

                                                                                                Ramon Vicioso                                                                                     Partner and Regional Director

6.  Expert support

The tech world is always changing. Edge cases come up, and  when your messaging needs to be timely, ensure your platform has expert support.

What it means for marketers

Ask yourself the following questions to ensure your support requirements are met:

·    Can I reach real people when I need help?

·    Is an SLA offered?

·    Can I get consultation from a messaging or tech expert?

·    Can I get in touch 24/7?

Our SMS messaging platform is used by some of the world's biggest organisations. Chances are, at Modica we have experience in your market. Whether products and services, public or private sector, our experts tailor solutions to help you execute the right SMS strategy for your industry.

For examples of businesses delivering effective SMS strategies, click here.

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