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Communicate with your customers in the way they prefer with CPaaS

Most tech companies are largely focussed on their software. That’s a no-brainer because they were usually founded by tech specialists and spend most of their time designing, building, testing and launching their products, features and enhancements.

Their enterprise customers on the other hand, are obsessed with their problems or opportunities, and the tech is often just a bit player.

For the end-consumer, the tech is often invisible - they just want convenience, speed and choice.

These different perspectives can lead to failed products, frustrated customers and angry consumers.

For the messaging industry - and their customers and consumers -  the solution is CPaaS.

Let’s start with the consumer, which is where most stories should start. Sally owns an iPhone, uses Gmail for work & personal email, enjoys watching singing auditions on YouTube, communicates via WhatsApp and makes most of her online purchases via Amazon.. 

If her Health Insurer wants her to respond to membership renewals and offers, it’s clear that they should engage with her on WhatsApp as that’s her communication channel of choice. It doesn’t matter if the Health Insurer has only sent mail, email and SMS in the past - if they want Sally they have to find her.


CPaaS Sally


This clumsy parable is what CPaaS is all about. Reaching consumers where they are and providing the content they want. CPaaS puts consumers at the heart of the messaging ecosystem. Here’s how:

  1. A leading messaging provider, such as Modica, has a CPaaS platform, that includes a range of tools, anti-spam capabilities, analytics & reporting mechanisms, and support offerings 
  2. Modica then connects its platform to the Health Insurer’s key business applications (e.g. CRM, ERP or Marketing automation) via direct integrations or API
  3. The Modica platform also connects with the required messaging destinations and types (e.g. SMS, WhatsApp, email, payments, voice and video content)

Modica Cpass


These smart connections mean that when the Health Insurer’s software determines that Sally should receive a membership renewal alert - and that her preferred communication channel is WhatsApp - it triggers a message (via the software) into Modica’s platform and a message is sent to Sally via WhatsApp. Sally can respond to that message (e.g. to select a renewal term) and the data flows back, via Modica to the Health Insurer’s software. Tim may prefer email notifications or Katie may prefer SMS - irrespective of the channel, the Health Insurer can meet customers where they are, and the result is typically increased engagement, reduced overdue payments.

Our CPaaS messaging platform helps organisations communicate with their customers, prospects and staff via the tools they prefer.

The platform is used by some of the world's biggest enterprises and brands to deliver high volume, mission-critical messaging services. It is built on a high-availability messaging gateway, and is complemented by optional managed messaging solutions and our Insights dashboard. What sets us apart is the expert advice and support we provide our clients - available 24/7. Use a single, unified platform to send all your business communications and enjoy real-time visibility of all of your messages.

You choose the channel and content required (voice, video, messaging, chatbots or WhatsApp) and we make it work for you in a single unified communications platform.

For more information on our CPaaS solution, please visit our website.