St John is at the frontline of medical response, providing ambulance services throughout New Zealand. Treating and transporting 480,000 people every year, they have more than 690 operational vehicles, over 200 ambulance stations and a workforce of over 18,500 staff covering paid and volunteer roles


St John required an experienced technology partner that could deliver reliable and secure mobile messaging for its vital communications.

In order to provide ambulance service coverage throughout NZ, St John and Wellington Free Ambulance rely on both paging and SMS notifications to initiate ambulance dispatch procedures. They also need to manage communications with workers throughout the ambulance dispatch process.



Modica Group and SALCOM came up with a solution using a VPN and API’s which would allow call-out notifications to be sent via Modica’s OMNI platform.

St John’s ‘CAD’ program outputs paging messages which need to be translated to an SMS delivery protocol by SALCOM. Modica worked with SALCOM to migrate shortcodes, configure the VPN and APIs and transitioned the service within several days. SMS call-out notifications to ambulance staff, allied health professionals, and rescue helicopter crews are now sent via the Modica OMNI platform.


St John now uses a reliable, cost-effective, long term solution for their time-critical messaging. OMNI’s reporting capability also allows full visibility of their transactions.

Successful migration to Modica’s platform has provided St John with a reliable cost-effective, long-term solution for their messaging requirements. St John now sends over 4000 messages per day, and are confident that their time-critical messages will be sent and received on time.

Additionally, Modica’s reporting has given St John complete time-stamp visibility for messages sent via OMNI. This includes real-time volume and content reporting for full auditability of any transactions. St John now receives much better information about delivery and non-delivery, with OMNI letting the business know when they have received delivery receipts or when mobile numbers are no longer valid.

The transition between suppliers was managed seamlessly and St John is now considering further options and services that Modica can provide to enhance their business processes.

It made sense to use Modica who have direct connections to all the mobile operators and over the many years of operation, has proven to be an extremely robust platform built for reliability and mission-critical performance.

Tony Howard

Solution Specialist

  • The nature of our m-Health messaging services requires an extremely reliable solution. Modica have proven they are a very capable and pro-active SMS Gateway partner to Vensa. We’re excited to work closely with them as we expand our services into SEA and beyond.
  • Ahmad Jubbaway, CEO, Vensa Health

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